Game Reflection

Never have i ever imagined creating a game from scratch, playing it and actually enjoying it. Our group’s collaborative thinking was tremendous, each one of us kept coming up with a different idea and somehow, we managed to link them all together. The part i enjoyed most was when we had to think of the actual game where everyone was just throwing ideas around; deferring judgement! This experience has taught me so much. It even educated me about things to do with Egypt that even i (one of the founders of the game) did not know. For that reason i believe that it was very successful and accomplished our primary goal of creating an educational game. Nonetheless, it was also one of the funnest games i’ve watched being played, it constantly made me feel like i want to join in. Apart from that, the key thing i learned is how to shuffle up clue cards(if you have any) to not make it repetitive and boring. The beauty of this game is that it could always be updated with generations changing the content of it to recent content; we would not want it to get boring. Furthermore, despite the fact that i was not the one in the group to create the board or write the cards out for the game, i still experienced every step of the process as i was the one that created the video. Throughout that process, i realized something that did not catch my eye when i saw it being watched live. Our players were loving the game, they were laughing, smiling, having fun and shaking hands; all those things that make you believe that you have actually created something useful and fun at the same time. In conclusion, this all rests upon our team’s collaboration for the second time throughout this semester developing a good working bond.


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