Final Reflection

I remember writing my  first post for this course while i was very anxious about what will happen throughout the semester. As the semester comes to an end, a sense of relief landed on my heart along with some sadness due to leaving a course which is fair to say is actually very fun. What helped my learning in this course was the constant repetition of the key things we need to do. As the Egyptian saying goes “التكرار يعلم الحمار”. Not only were the key things being said repeatedly, but we were also always watching videos of examples about what we need to do exactly. As an example, in module 1, i exited knowing i always have to defer judgement, it is also seen in my previous posts like the gift giving experience. However, i would have learned better in this course if, instead of watching video, we see practical work being done live in front of us. Yeah, watching a video is similar, but when you can touch and feel things in front of you, it is a whole different story. Like architects and construction engineers for instance, they actually go to construction cites and watch the work being done; Creatopia was finalized pieces of work which we did not witness in the making. The activity that contributed most to my learning was the designing the application for the Egyptian Food Bank as this was the launching point of actually putting my creativity into practice. Who goes into a course expecting to design an application for an entity as big as the Egyptian Food Bank? This kind of assignment was motivating me since i felt (even if it was not true) that there was a small chance that we could be contributing to the goal of ending hunger by 2020. It was also an opportunity to put my creativity into practice, develop an application (which is of great interest to me as a Computer Science major) and then getting feedback on it as well. After this assignment, i was able to identify the gap in my creativity and planning skills to know what i had to work on. My group and I’s work and my own reflection on this assignment can be found here. The most important things i learned from this course are,

  • Deferring judgement throughout the planning process then later eliminating the unsuitable ideas.
  • Prototyping and testing; this is a step i never go through with anything in my life actually – i used to prefer to just do and find out thing on the way, however this saves more time.
  • An educational name should not be merely focused on education or else it would be very boring for the players, it should also not be trivial or based on memory.
  • Working in a team for a project will always give you a better result due to the idea pitching
  • You are never really done with something, there will always be room for improvement

Finally, because of this course, now i believe i can work on whatever project through whatever field due to the creative thinking skills i acquired. All that needs to be done is some research in the beginning and then it the planning process is something i already experienced at least twice before in what i would say was very successful.


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