Liquefy the Syllabus

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How to Make it More Appealing for students:

I entered this course with a feeling like i will not learn anything from it, however, i learned a tonne. The way to make the syllabus more appealing for students is maybe have a motivational target for students after making their applications and games. I feel that the application and the game my group and I designed were very well thought out. Regrettably, all of those things will probably never be used or created in the future. Therefore I think if there was some sort of prize (like signing with a company that will actually create your project in real life under your name) for the best project, it will be a lot more appealing.

Assignments I Would Change:

First of all i believe the assignment where we had to go to the conference that was done about not yettness was completely useless as I was not the only one that barely understood but that was the case for most of the class. Nonetheless, when i requested help to understand from one of my peers who understood, I felt that i could not really see the outcome I needed to obtain from that conference. Moreover, i believe any of the conferences we were supposed to go to outside of class should be eliminated because, personally, this is a demotivation to take such a course which will require you to take class time outside of class.

The game project. I enjoyed it  a lot. Unfortunately, there is one thing i would alter; the time we spent explaining what an educational game is and how to make it and all that, i believe this time could have been more effective if as a whole class including the teacher, we would come up with an actual educational game together. If we go through the proper process of prototyping then testing then modifying as a class, it would make our group projects a lot easier since we would have experienced what we have to do before.

Redesigning the gift giving experience. I understand that this assignment conveyed the message of how to prototype and how to think. However, the bonus assignment we had for mother’s day, in my opinion, was a lot nicer and more fun. It is the same concept, we can still go through the process of prototyping and deferring judgement and everything but then actually redesigning the gift giving experience for someone that is close to us. I believe this tests your creativity a lot better as it is hard to be creative for someone you just met from a couple of weeks especially because we did this at the beginning of the semester.


One thought on “Liquefy the Syllabus

  1. Thanks Mostafa – I like the idea of going through the process of developing a game together as a class… Let me think of how to do it.
    You have done half the assignment –
    The Liquefy assignment required you to also recreate the syllabus in a visually appealing way. Check previous semesters’ work.


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