Current Game State

Our game is split up into 5 categories with cards that the players pick with the difficulty and have to perform an action specified to their group:

  • Food: The players have to explain the food without saying some of the specific words specified on the card.
  • Music: The players hum the song specified on the card.
  • Historic Artifacts: The players have to draw the artifact.
  • Movies: The players have to act out the movie silently.
  • Famous People: They have to say some of the funny things they said in their movies (aghast aflam)

Each answer they get they receive points based on the difficulty of the action they performed. Once they reach a specific amount of points, they receive a card that has either a famous Egyptian person, a building or place, and an action. Each of the cards picked out is looked out by the group and then placed back, at the end they have to guess the combination left.

As an example: if there are 5 cards for people, 5 cards for buildings and 5 cards for actions, there will be one card of each selected randomly at the beginning of the game. As the groups pick out the cards by getting the answers correct, at the end; the first group to guess the combination picked out at the beginning will be the winner.


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