Final Reflection

I remember writing my  first post for this course while i was very anxious about what will happen throughout the semester. As the semester comes to an end, a sense of relief landed on my heart along with some sadness due to leaving a course which is fair to say is actually very fun. What helped […]

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Game Reflection

Never have i ever imagined creating a game from scratch, playing it and actually enjoying it. Our group’s collaborative thinking was tremendous, each one of us kept coming up with a different idea and somehow, we managed to link them all together. The part i enjoyed most was when we had to think of the […]

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Liquefy the Syllabus

  How to Make it More Appealing for students: I entered this course with a feeling like i will not learn anything from it, however, i learned a tonne. The way to make the syllabus more appealing for students is maybe have a motivational target for students after making their applications and games. I feel […]

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Current Game State

Our game is split up into 5 categories with cards that the players pick with the difficulty and have to perform an action specified to their group: Food: The players have to explain the food without saying some of the specific words specified on the card. Music: The players hum the song specified on the […]

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