Educational games

Theres not one specific definition of an educational game. Education games can be many things, they can be ones that teach you anything. As an example, some of the games i found teach you about laws of motion and physics, and another just simply put your critical thinking into practice. These games can be found here. However, what actually makes a good educational game? Apart of course from it having to teach you something, educational games can be a way for children with attention disorders to learn instead of the typical book and pencil (more benefits can be found here, therefore the game cannot just be based on education, it has to also be interesting by not making it repetitive or based on memory. In addition, “the sorts of learning should be intrinsic to the game, it should not jar you out of the experience. Example: In Angry Birds you learn intrinsically about physics, but you don’t have to do math equations to do it” (Crudbasher). Another key thing, in order to learn through a game, you need to make the game user friendly and not force a correct answer or else if someone keeps getting the answers wrong they were eventually give up since it will not be fun anymore.



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