Twitter: The Scavenger Hunt

Before we started this scavenger hunt, i thought, what could possibly be fun to do on twitter. Personally, i find twitter a social media website which is for people to either complain about their life or start exaggerating about how fun their life is mentioning unrealistic things. However, after the scavenger hunt, it was like a revelation, something useful could actually come out of twitter. The fact that we were asking random people that we have no idea about questions and they willingly answer and actually make it like a discussion was mind blowing to me. On the contrary, i still don’t like the twitter interface and the concept of it as a whole even though i did find out that i can do some research on it like the articles i found. At first, i wasn’t that familiar with the usage of twitter, but this activity has taught me a lot such as, placing the person’s handle at the end of the tweet to let more people see it, placing more hashtags will increase the possibility of getting an answer back, looking at where people live to find out if they could be awake to tweet you back or check when their last tweet was and finally, how to be engaged with a bunch of people that you know nothing about and still have fun!

I also did not know that Minecraft counted as an educational game as i got tweeted back an answer as such.


This is the mystery picture i posted for people to guess the brand, and up to now only one got it correct!



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