Educational games

Theres not one specific definition of an educational game. Education games can be many things, they can be ones that teach you anything. As an example, some of the games i found teach you about laws of motion and physics, and another just simply put your critical thinking into practice. These games can be found┬áhere. […]

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Twitter: The Scavenger Hunt

Before we started this scavenger hunt, i thought, what could possibly be fun to do on twitter. Personally, i find twitter a social media website which is for people to either complain about their life or start exaggerating about how fun their life is mentioning unrealistic things. However, after the scavenger hunt, it was like […]

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Learning Taxonomy

Analyze: First of all, i could learn by analyzing the situation from a general picture. As an example, i could see how people are doing a certain task and by analyzing and processing it through my mind, it could give me a good understanding of how to do it.   Understand: Understanding is one of […]

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