Reflection on module 1

We decided to work with the Egyptian Food Bank since we already had some ideas of what we could do for them. We started by plotting down what we already know which was not difficult since we had an activity to do with them just before it in addition to Ms Manal’s visit to our class. This is what we came up with:




Then we proceeded to interview Ms Manal which was a spectacular experience. We were all panicking because we were scared to run out of things to say or ask especially that she has come a really long way for us, we did not want it to be a five minute thing. Anyway here is what we concluded from the interview:


29e3bb79da6534cc6d9f6bd5b81ebc41We then decided to design an app that will merge between the EFB’s 2 biggest problems that stood out from our interview which were volunteers and funding. The process we went through to finally come up with the idea was like mini data pitches between our group members. It was at that point when i realised that i really did grasp the idea of design thinking. Deferring judgement was a key factor that stood out to me throughout the whole module, it allowed me to pitch whatever stupid idea that comes into my head since we had to filter the ideas at the very end anyway. After a bunch of doodles and ideas of how the app will work, we then designed our prototype:



Then we sat and thought about our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the app which gave us a chance to think of how we could have done it better. This sparked my memory “you are never finished” and “do not fall in love with your first idea”.

cb6183c7caeebbb48834b4214a5e75bcAll in all, the process i went through with this specific project really did reflect what i have learned throughout the module even though i have not realized that i was actually learning something new. Also after attending the Not Yetness note and seeing Cambelle’s taxonomy for participation, i got a solid understanding of why he chose love to be at the top of the pyramid. If it were not for the great vibe, ideas and spectacular support from our teacher, i would not have wanted to participate. I believe the bond we developed as a group was a key factor to what i would say is a great success. To conclude, i still do believe creativity is a talented you are born with, however, the does not mean that other people do not have it. We are all creative, it just takes the right brain training to release and enhance it. Personally, i learnt a lot of things i did not expect, i got into this course for one reason only which was to get an A. Whereas now, the grade i get is the last of my concerns, i am just grateful to have learned a new organized way of thinking that will help me throughout everything in life even my educational and professional career. As a matter of fact, it already made a difference with the way i think with my computer science assignments.

Defer judgement but don’t fall in love with your idea because you are not yet there!


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