Not Yetness

Education today is based on inout and output. Teachers base their teaching theories on whether the outcome by the student is correct or not. As an example, in an English course at AUC, your assignments are basically, “Here is the requirement, here is the rubric, and here are samples”. This method will get the students to produce exactly what the assignment asks, but are the students actually learning. Eduction is basically starting to treat humans as machines more and more everyday. This is actually quite related to the question of whether schools kill creativity or not. This “input, output” methodology is in fact a major contributor to murdering our creativity. Nonetheless, not yetness is a fruitful way of thinking about how to be creative instead of having something designed and planned for you all the time. Basically, whenever you think you have reached the peak of your knowledge, you haven’t, you’re not just there yet. This is exactly like the phrase we always use in class while ideating “you are never done”. Not yetness thus embraces risk taking and the fact that you can be uncomfortable and that will be okay! The most thing that came as a surprise to me during the keynote was the fact that love is the top factor in Cambelle’s taxonomy for student engagement, but yet again, thinking about it in a deeper sense, it is quite logical. All in all, despite the difficulty i faced understanding the ideas being discussed because of the lack of background information i have in this topic, i think this taught me how to think about education from a different perspective.


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