A Crash Course in Creativity

Teena Seelig discusses the fact that we look at creativity in a much narrow way. Her theory is actually based on two parts, the outside world which is the habitat and environment around you and the inside which is you. Without a surprise, she mentions that imagination is not taught at school. Nonetheless, a question can have infinite creative answers according to how you ask it like The Pink Panther example. Also, like the story discussed by Dr Mostafa in class when her son was crying, his lateral thinking and imagination gave him the idea of telling his friends that she hit him (if they see him crying) just so they don’t make fun of him. This however doesn’t come randomly, things like that are based on previous knowledge from the real world that connects to your ideas. Even scientific hypotheses aren’t random predictions, but are based on naturalistic observation, previous experience and previous experiments. In addition, having the knowledge is not enough, you need to have that positive attitude that you will reach your goal, you fall down and you get back up. Always remember the reason why you started what you started. Throughout the course there are some phrases that were always emphasized in the class and have really stuck with me, defer judgement and do not fall in love with you idea and that is my idea of the correct attitude. Finally, the environment and culture you grow up in at home and in your everyday society is probably the most important contributor to your creativity. You can be very creative but you are always discouraged by your parents or friends, you not even be applauded for your ideas which gives a sense of lack of importance. To conclude, we are all creative in our own way, we all have that inner engine which just needs to be powered.




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