Education without grades


  • Base grades on an activity of the students’ choice which demonstrates their understanding of the full course.



  • Omar said that just because he got a bad grade in a subject, for example philosophical thinking, it does not mean that he is not good at it.
  • Grades in our education system are always based on an assessment at the end of the course which is not a good enough indicator.
  • I could study and get a good grade but still not have any understanding of the course.



  • It seemed like Omar felt really angry about how “messed up” the education system is.
  • He felt mad because he panics in exams which makes him get bad grades.



  • He thinks this is a stupid system and does not work.
  • He thinks that it would be better if students had a choice whether to have a paper based assessment or something else in order to eliminate the exam room stress.


The design-thinking process is actually very appealing to me because it helps me identify solutions to problem that i did not even know existed for some people. Personally, i think if we do allow students to perform an activity that demonstrates their understanding of a certain course, it will be a lot more efficient than having a paper based assessment. I came up with that solution on the spot, i surprised myself, and maybe that is one of the benefits of thinking with a process. After all, understanding something doesn’t necessarily mean that you have it memorized word for word from the book.


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