Creative Confidence

David Kelly presents the importance of creative confidence very well throughout the video. The examples that were used were a perfect way to grasp the audience attention. He starts off with he story about Brian and the clay horse which he gives up on after a mean remark from a colleague. He discusses how this boy could have gone places with his creativity of making a horse out of a clay structure and links this to events that happen throughout our life. Sadly, he is correct, whenever we are brought down after a certain event, we decided that we are failures in this activity and we avoid it. He then starts talking about how to build your confidence through Albert Bandura the psychologist’s theory. Bandura basically makes the test group face their fear practically through a series of steps. This is a spectacular idea when it is heard in theory, but my personal opinion is that fear is something you do not get rid of, i believe it is all based on the strength of the state of mind. Usually people have a fear of something due to a dramatic even that happened before, for example if someone fears flying because he has been in a plane crash, i wouldn’t make him face his fear by flying again, sometimes it is just a matter of social support which in my opinion is the greatest factor of destroying creative confidence. Kelly ends with the story of the redesigning of the MRI machine for kids by Doug Dietz. Dietz has built his own success story by painting the machine and the room to make it seem like the kids are getting into the pirate ship and he managed to convince them to stay still so that the pirates don’t find them. This resulted in only 10% of kids needing sedation to have an MRI performed and eliminated the kids’ fear. It is eye-opening to see that just because a problem is complicated, it does not mean the solution has to be complicated as well, sometimes the simplest of thing can build our confidence to an unbelievable extent. The biggest example is telling a girl she lost weight or letting a child know that his/her drawing is amazing, the facial expression obtained from those simple words imply the confidence boost.


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