Application data pitch

What is the developmental issue that you are addressing?* Ending need, connecting people with NGOs, Give people the ability to help.

Describe your idea!*Collects data from the user (location, occupation) and tells them how they can help someone close by or someone that they are qualified to help. Shows you where and how you can volunteer somewhere. You will be able to share the location of people in need. Optionally, you can add your credit card for donations.

Who will benefit from your idea?* People in need, user or contributor, schools possibly and NGOs.

Why is your idea important?* Helps everyone in need find help and helps everyone willing to help people willing to contribute with no effort needed. This could also help improve schools since people can volunteer in schools.

How is your idea different?* It give people who want to contribute but don’t know how an easy way to help. Not only will it help people with smart phones but people without them too. Also the people who contribute get rewarded.


As a computer science major, the activities that include the use of technology or the designing of something new to do with technology is the most appealing to me. Not only did this activity help me think in a divergent way to come up with wild and crazy ideas of how to help the Egyptian Food Bank, but it also gave me an opportunity to see what it could be like for me in the future throughout my career trying to come up with ideas for a new app. In addition, this activity changed my perspective towards how important data is and what it could do; in the beginning, my idea of data was simply a couple of words or statistics posted online or written on a piece of paper, but now when i actually had to use it, looking at Sherif’s notes alone, ideas just dived into my head like a tsunami. Nonetheless, it was a great opportunity to see a live example of an idea that must have been doubted constantly succeed, and that is one of the main reasons i loved this activity because it shows me that whatever crazy idea i have, reaching it is never impossible.




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