Reflection on module 1

We decided to work with the Egyptian Food Bank┬ásince we already had some ideas of what we could do for them. We started by plotting down what we already know which was not difficult since we had an activity to do with them just before it in addition to Ms Manal’s visit to our class. […]

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A Crash Course in Creativity

Teena Seelig discusses the fact that we look at creativity in a much narrow way. Her theory is actually based on two parts, the outside world which is the habitat and environment around you and the inside which is you. Without a surprise, she mentions that imagination is not taught at school. Nonetheless, a question […]

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Padlet reflection

Researching about design thinking has given me the chance to gain insight on what it actually means through specific examples i found. The most important one was Walt Disney’s methodology. It is based on three things which depict the process of design thinking which (the dreamer, the realist and the critic). The knowledge i gained […]

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Not Yetness

Education today is based on inout and output. Teachers base their teaching theories on whether the outcome by the student is correct or not. As an example, in an English course at AUC, your assignments are basically, “Here is the requirement, here is the rubric, and here are samples”. This method will get the students […]

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Education without grades

Do: Base grades on an activity of the students’ choice which demonstrates their understanding of the full course.   Say: Omar said that just because he got a bad grade in a subject, for example philosophical thinking, it does not mean that he is not good at it. Grades in our education system are always […]

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Creative Confidence

David Kelly presents the importance of creative confidence very well throughout the video. The examples that were used were a perfect way to grasp the audience attention. He starts off with he story about Brian and the clay horse which he gives up on after a mean remark from a colleague. He discusses how this […]

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Application data pitch

What is the developmental issue that you are addressing?* Ending need, connecting people with NGOs, Give people the ability to help. Describe your idea!*Collects data from the user (location, occupation) and tells them how they can help someone close by or someone that they are qualified to help. Shows you where and how you can […]

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