Time Capsule

  1. Shoes with laces: Today everything is becoming automated and it was guessed that people will get lazier and lazier since the movie ” Back to the Future”. I think it would be creepy to look back at what we had and think “wow we were very stone aged”. We get this feeling now when we still see the old antique phones at our grandparents’ place even though they were the most advanced at the time.
  2. Mainstream joke: Also something that is always looked at its past with a bizzare feeling since you find it very lame. I think it would be awesome to see how we used to joke 4 years in the past. I know for a fact that i do not mention any of the jokes i ever used 4 years ago, so it will be a good flash-back.
  3. Clothes: fashion is the main thing you always notice as time changes. There’s a 90s style, an 80’s style and so on. I believe it will be interesting 4 years in the future to be able to say, “yes this is fashion from 4 years ago”.
  4. Book: The end of books is near and some people already ended their relationship with that scary creature. 4 years from today, most probably and alternative to books would have been found it would be interesting to see something that will probably me rendered obselete.
  5. Videos of people walking: inventions we have today such as the hover-board which is used by many students on campus will be a huge factor in the extinction of walking which is probably the only type of exercise we have left to do regularly on a daily basis. Therefore, 4 years from today teenagers especially will probably be thinking “oh-em-jee what the hell is walking you can’t do that to us”.
  6. I have to add this extra one and that is we have to add an iPhone or any sort of smart phone because these will probably become very slow and useless even though we see them as objects that we can’t live without, better yet, they  control us with how advanced they are at the moment since they can keep you connected 24/7.

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