Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson is discussing a very important issue which is extremely broad. However, we can never agree that something is 100% correct. Before i get into the points he talked about, the most thing that appealed to me throughout the video was not only was he discussing creativity importance and how it could make a difference in education rather than the systematic way, but he was also presenting his claims in an artistic matter cracking up the audience. As an example, when he was talking about the kid that was drawing the picture of God and the teacher told her that nobody knows what God looks like; she responded “well they’ll know in a minute”. This proves his point that kids are not scared of failure and are born creative (as Picasso claims) and are educated out of it. A point that struck my disagreement side was the fact that education’s purpose nowadays is to produce university professors who think of their body as a tool for transport for their heads. The idea i could not agree more with – as a computer science student knowing that evolution of technology is a never-ending cycle – is the fact that kids today get educated on facts of the current year when they are going to live practical life around 16 years later. Even scientists cannot conclude how the world will be like 5 years from now. According to Sir Robinson, UNESCO claim that in 30 years (from 2006), more kids will graduate through education than since the beginning of history. One point that has never crossed my mind was that if you are not prepared to be wrong then theres no originality in the situation or your way of thinking which is the pure definition of creativity: original thought with value. You can be creative in many ways and just because you’ll be doing things differently, it doesn’t mean you have disorder or you need to seek help neither does it indicate that you will be an unsuccessful person, it is the complete opposite. A perfect example discussed was the Jillian Lynn story of her going to dance school and becoming a multi millionaire after starting her own dance company. All in all despite that the video was education based which would usually be of no interest to me, it was eye opening to many aspects i would have probably never thought about, creativity wise.


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