Time Capsule

Shoes with laces: Today everything is becoming automated and it was guessed that people will get lazier and lazier since the movie ” Back to the Future”. I think it would be creepy to look back at what we had and think “wow we were very stone aged”. We get this feeling now when we […]

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Do schools kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson is discussing a very important issue which is extremely broad. However, we can never agree that something is 100% correct. Before i get into the points he talked about, the most thing that appealed to me throughout the video was not only was he discussing creativity importance and how it could make […]

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Week 1

It’s finally over. First week of uni makes me so anxious, meeting new people adapting to new professors for my new courses and having to get used to how each works. My CS course has got my heart skipping beats because of how hard it seems, however my seminar course will probably take off some […]

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